New Year’s Eve with the Steinfelds: Friday Fictioneers

So, waddya think, money grows on trees?

A little humorous New Year’s Eve tale for the Friday Fictioneer.

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
This week it’s:



New Year’s Eve with the Steinfelds

My stomach acid feels like what that fireworks display looks like.

You’re kidding me.

Not really.

I just paid $1,000.00 for us to eat at this swanky restaurant, dockside, viewing the best fireworks in the entire state, and you’re telling me that it reminds you of your stomach acid?

I’ve had too much spicy food – and champagne also does that to me.

I can’t believe I just wasted a grand.

It wasn’t wasted. You enjoyed it.

Not when you didn’t.

Your happiness shouldn’t depend on mine.

A thousand dollars says it does.

Next time take me to a damn movie.

Randy Mazie


52 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve with the Steinfelds: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Randy,
    Just a guess, but this isn’t Rob and Laura Petrie, right? Some serious, if not costly co-dependence going on in this small slice of domestic “tranquility.”
    Happy New Year and shalom,

  2. Well this looks like a great way to see the New Year in. 🙂 I’m on the side of the one who forked out a thousand dollars, even though I can identify with GERD sufferer. Made me grin and wince at the same time.

    • thank you.
      So when you wife complains that the movie which you spent $25.00 on gave her GERD and you complain back about having spent $25.00, then she complains that next time take me…. (where? Ha!)

      I suspect that she’ll be taking you to divorce court.

  3. This reads like a story that has been going on for a long time between those two… no matter the amount of money spent. I’ve been with couples like that, and can only wonder why. Good piece, Randy… beneath the surface, it was not humorous.

  4. Shame they didn’t know about their other half’s likes and dislikes enough. Like when your partner buys you a kind of chocolates that you hate, or whatever. Worse than not getting a present at all.

    • Sometimes we think it’s something we’ll like, and when one of us doesn’t like it, the other gets disappointed and that brings the first one down, too. It’s only natural. Most people get over it. But a grand is a lot to get over – at least to me it would be. But then, the piece was meant to be humorous – for a grand if it upset you that much (it’s not like I did it on purpose), you should of just taken me to a damn movie.

      But when a partner buys you something that he knows you dislike – that is something else entirely. That’s revenge, divorce, or a ritualistic murder.

    • If she wasn’t such a ditz she would have either taken some Ant-acids before and/or with dinner and/or skipped the champagne.
      I told her not to drink it – and I offered her the tablets but noooo…. she knows betterrrrrrrrrr….

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