The New Year’s Missed Kiss: 100WCGU

This was the kiss that needed to be missed…

What is Julia’s Place 100WCGU? Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture. Mix in up to 100 words with the prompt words.

The prompt is:
… as midnight struck …

kiss ready

kiss ready



The New Year’s Missed Kiss

As midnight struck
My girl was near
A kiss was snuck
A kiss I fear

That I will ne’er
Forget I’m sure
For I kissed what
Was un-called-for

And turning red,
Cried “Oh my Lord”
Kissed Earl instead –
Went overboard.

And now my girl
My life’s a-wreckin’
Cause me and Earl
Got caught a-neckin’

Randy Mazie


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