I’ve Never Seen the Fiscal Cliffs

What cliffs have you seen?

pic by Randy Mazie

pic by Randy Mazie


I’ve Never Seen the Fiscal Cliffs


I’ve never seen the fiscal cliffs
The ones from Dover or Palisades.
Though those in D.C. seem to me
That we should name them Hades.

And I do not wish to visit them
Nor read about them more.
I’m tired hearing how they’ll crash us
On a tragic shore.

I’m tired of the drama;
Those who make it seem,
The world that we all live in
Is an economic’s dream.

I can read; I am no dummy.
I can figure out the score.
But the play these playwrights’ written
As theatre, “It’s a boor.”

I say to all the players,
“Boehner and Obama”,
Please – please – please
Cut out all the drama.

We little people live in homes
And go to work each day,
And love our wives and children,
And want to watch them play.

We go to church and synagogue
Or we don’t believe.
But no one doubts
The craziness that Washington conceives.

So cut it out and cut the crap.
Start acting like you’re human.
This country needs to get right.
We need a good repairman.

Are you up to do the job?
And like us – get to work
Make some money and be tight.
Stop acting like a jerk!

Run the country like our homes.
You’ll work as does your wife.
Pay the bills with no more thrills.
And cut out the nightlife!

Randy Mazie


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