My Dissolute Soul: Picture It and Write

Some things will stay with us to the grave…

Picture It and Write from ermiliablog@wordpress
Write a paragraph of fiction or a poem to accompany the image.

The picture prompt for this week is below:

from ermilia blog

from ermilia blog

My Dissolute Soul

I rise,
I rise,
I will myself to rise,
But you will not see my face.

I am sitting up,
Centered in this,
my wedding gown,
In this muck.

I am risen,
I am risen,
In spirit I am risen;
Though you will ne’er see my face.

In the muck,
My heart will be,
My head will be
Layered with this earthen mulch

My white dress

Will remain.
The blood-red roses will remain.
And my dissolute soul
Will ne’er let go
Of these tattered, tattered remains

Randy Mazie


7 thoughts on “My Dissolute Soul: Picture It and Write

    • Your comment and link to the Hostess commercial was the cream in this blog.
      It was a perfect foil. It had me laughing. Thanks.
      BTW – my favorite writing is not my puns or humor or being obnoxious. My bread and butter are my poems and short pieces or stories.

Have some fun...

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