Master and Catmander:

This is a cat’s tale…

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
This week it’s:












Master and Catmander

Sign the damn paper.

I don’t care if it is Christmas. Just sign.

No, I don’t have a pen. You know I couldn’t pick one up and hand it to you anyway.

Oh? So, you think that’s funny? Funny for me to have to swat a pen over to you.

That’s why I’m doing this. You’ll laugh because my thumbs don’t work like yours. You’re so warped.

Just sign the damn paper. Find a pen, moron.

I’ve had enough of you and your perversity.

Don’t bother reading the terms. You’re Your lawyer already told you to sign it. Just do it.

Randy Mazie


52 thoughts on “Master and Catmander:

  1. Love your title, Randy. I can see the cat trying to hypnotize by gaze, too, with those intense eyes.

    (Lose the apostrophe in “You’re lawyer”.)

    I command you to have a wonderful Christmas! And if you feel ill from eating too much, drink a cata-tonic. 🙂

    • Ha. Thanks for making my day.
      I love when folks play back. Your cat-omments are cat-rific.
      I was kind of feeling, in a catty kind of way, un-cat-ered to, if you know what I mean

      BTW, it really wasn’t a contract.
      It was more like a purr-loined letter.


  2. I think that cat was allowed to watch too much television. Lawyering up. My goodness. What’s the world coming to? LOL. Fun take on the prompt. I enjoyed it. I had a cat divorce me once. He simply refused to ever come back in the house. 😦 There’s a story there, but I won’t go into it.

  3. I’m surprised the cat needed a lawyer. I pretty sure that most of the cat I’ve known could easily pass the bar exam themselves. But cat know their rights… Serve and obey.

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