Dog Gone Devotion: Five Sentence Fiction

Want to know about true devotion. Check this out.

Lillie Mcferrin posts a “Five Sentence Fiction” prompt.
This week it is: Devotion

From Lillie McFerrin

From Lillie McFerrin


Dog Gone Devotion

So, I’m sitting here wondering what I should do, because he’s in the other room hemorrhaging at the mouth about this, that, and the other, and I know when he gets that way, he’s ready to kick the proverbial dog.

I don‘t know why he stays with her, because, frankly, she’s always driving him crazy about this, that, and the other, and he can’t stand her nagging, and, frankly, I’ve had enough of her, too!

It’s really interfering with our relationship, and although most single guys prefer to spend a lot of time in bed and dogs prefer to spend a lot of their time out of bed, this is ridiculous because I am now almost always under the covers hoping not to get kicked, and she’s kicking his you-know-what all the time about this, that, and the other, and he’s not even getting close to first base with her.

So, my advise, my man, my master, is it’s time for a new bitch because this one is just constantly kicking your you-know-what all the time about this… that… and the other.

Randy Mazie

14 thoughts on “Dog Gone Devotion: Five Sentence Fiction

  1. This is the one time I am not offended by someone calling a woman a bitch. From a dog’s perspective, what else would you call the female of the species? Just one minor correction: in the last sentence, the word is ‘advice’, I think.

    • Your advice is well taken since I believe that grammatically it is a noun and not a verb in this sentence. But I shall leave it in as good bad example of a grammatical error that should not be made – and as an example of one of the few times that you were right. Thanks,dog. Randy

      • Have you been talking to Lynn behind my back? According to her, I’m always at fault and rarely right. The few times that she has admitted out loud that I am right I’ve asked her to repeat herslf so that I am sure I heard her correctly. This happened just 16 days ago.

  2. Great voice! My dog used to talk like that… but not about me, you understand. He knew which side his dog biscuit was buttered. Loved this Randy, but I’m a sucker for a dog perspective.

  3. This was a fun read. Great voice (as all the others have said) and tempo. I have a lot of this, that and the other tossed at me from time to time. Sounds like the dog has some valid advice… Nice job!

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