Friday Fictioneers: My Little Ho-tela-dee (also known as The Hotel Dick)

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
This week it’s:

Copyright-Rich Voza

Copyright-Rich Voza

W.C. Fields Stars in:

My Little Ho-tela-dee (also known as The Hotel Dick)

Ah yes, my little ho-tel-adee.

Let’s get into one of these room-adees for one of your little rem-edies.

Here, let me have that key, my dear.
Oh sorry, that wasn’t your key that I grabbed?
How presumptuous of me, yes, to think it was.
No, a key is not soft like that, and yes, my dear, your points are well taken.

Now, my dearie, where were we?

Ah yes, a room …
I can’t seem to find the hole, my dear. A momentary set-back, I assure you.
Could you put it in for me?
I seem to have a revolving door here. Just a little motion sickness. I assure you it will pass.

Yes, if you would put it in the hole, just bend over slightly … keyhole, I assure you, I meant keyhole, my dear.

You have good aim. Now if you would turn slightly to the left and…
I think we’re almost in, my dear, yes indeed, almost in.
Randy Mazie

Okay. Okay. So it’s more than 100 words . You chuckled, right? Okay, I’ll sit out next week if I have to. Or I’ll sit on the back of the bus with the other “bad boys” if I have to. A dybbuk made me do it again. It wasn’t my fault. I swear. It was the dybbuk. No, a land shark. Definitely a land shark.


37 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: My Little Ho-tela-dee (also known as The Hotel Dick)

    • Thanks.

      Stay in the back. I’ll join you there, my little swirling turnip. Did I ever tell you the story about when I… oh, I just my bus ticket. Would you mind bending over and picking it up for me, my dear? Ah yes, it’s right there by your left foot…. oh, I’m so sorry. The bus lurched forward. No harm done, my little turnip rose.

    • Horizontally and vertically challenged – to be sure.

      Laugh or blush, it’s all good. Just don’t pee in your pants or you’ll be running down the corridor looking for that pointing finger and macabre laughing face from last week’s prompt in order to find the rest room.


    • Ah yes, Mae, I shall see what connivance I canst contrive for you, my dear, ah yes.
      I wouldn’t mind seeing you later myself or seeing myself later.
      Now where was i? Ah yes

      Never lose Hope unless she’s run out of money.


  1. Ah yes, this little tale reminds me of a young lady I once met in Philadelphia–lovey lass she was. Kept mumbling something about Kumquats.

    • always naughty and not just in the mind or that I mind and I like your mind and I might even like your other things…
      now I’m being a littla naughty again my dear.

      Why don’t you and Mae come up and see me some time?

      (thanks Imogen… Randy)

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