Everyone has a line. Where’s yours?

lines by Randy Mazie

lines by Randy Mazie

Half way to the end

Get a piece of paper.
Draw a dot
Draw a second dot
Place them
Anywhere you like

Then draw
a line from the first
to the second,

Draw the line
if that suits you.
Or, draw it like
       the lines
            in an EKG.

Or, like the hills
    a child’s
In               drawing.

Draw concentric
     G-clef signs.

Draw doodles of fingers
all in one direction, or
if you wish,
with fingers hurtling
skyward, or
like a paddle wheel
on a Jungle Queen
sluicing deep into
muddy waters.

it to look and smell and taste like sliced pineapples.
Make the line create the colors of a setting sun.
Give it the aloof majesty of a glacier.
Have it blast the rip-whoosh of the ocean’s waves.

Twist the line to bring to mind a funny sour taste of lime.

Endow it with
your life’s events
or none of them
But if
you don’t like it,
don’t erase it

Once it’s started, it’s your
Change it,
if you want,

direction or style.

anything you want.
Make your line better, different, happier, richer, smarter, bigger, or

But stop sometime
the first dot
and the

Just stop.

Stop now.

Look back.

.decide        .

Randy Mazie

12 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. okay everybody, if you’re going to comment, please be quiet.

    Do not disturb Paul. He wants to be left alone. Certainly do not direct any comments towards him.
    I think he has stopped his line momentarily and is attempting to make a decision.

    Some of us have different reactions to a time of reflection. Sometimes, we have deeply held feelings of needing to be alone, mediate, get sad, or even a little grumpy.

    Paul seems to be a little gr….

    So boys and girls, let’s be extra nice to him. Let’s be quiet and understanding. Keep your comments as light heated as possible, as quiet as possible, and we’ll start all over again in our usual “comment” voices tomorrow.


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