Sorry Rochelle, I Just Had To, or A Dybbick Made Me Do It: Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
This week it’s:

(Please read the prologue and then the pictures will be posted underneath)

Okay. I do not usually, or ever, write a prologue, or explain myself, or my work. My words should, no must, explain themselves. But I feel moved by this wonderful group to leave no opportunity for misinterpretation or slight, or possibly slight offense, or large offense, or any fence sitting for that matter. So, I am offering apologies in advance to any and every one I may be offending today: from Rochelle and her husband, to the affronts some of you may suffer reading about certain activities of a tongue, to certain implications about religion and religious leaders. I am sorry, even though writing means never having to say you’re sorry….

Sorry Rochelle, I Just Had To, or A Dybbick Made Me Do It

Rochelle’s wedding

“What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl…? That she was beautiful and brilliant? That she loved Mozart and Bach? The Beatles? And me?” *

Love means never having to say… please stop tonguing me after we just exchanged our vows in front of all these people.

Then Jenny, stop pinching my right nipple.

I’m not, Oliver. That’s Father Dan!


41 Years Later….


Now where the hell did she go? I hope she’s not trying to play “Hide the Tongue” again. Damn it, Jenny. Where are you? We’ve been shopping for two friggin’ hours. Are you window shopping or are you hiding and waiting for me to play “Find me and stick your tongue in my mouth in the front doorway in front of all the shoppers so I can feel tingly and tell you irritably through my teeth to stop.”

Oh shit. We just saw Father Dan a moment ago. Dammit it, Jenny, tell me you didn’t ask him to… Dammit, you better not have asked him to play…

Randy Mazie

* quote from Love Story

Randy Mazie

40 thoughts on “Sorry Rochelle, I Just Had To, or A Dybbick Made Me Do It: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Oh, Randy,

    No matter how many ways you slice it, you’ve got some splainin’ to do. (and not to me. Ha!)

    Great story, great connection of the two photos (and Rochelle should have known better:) and great chutzpah in general.



    • Dear Rochelle,

      I am awaiting the unexpected blows, shivering in my keyboard.

      “Just for the record, I was 18.”
      I don’t believe I even alluded to age but I assume you raised you age of marriage to 18 to protect you husband from being arrested for taking a child bride… I suspect you were closer to 12.

      ‘Father Dan? This confused me some.”
      Would you have preferred Rabbi Dick?

      Aleichem Shalom


      • Actually…our marrying rabbi was later given his walking papers for playing hide the tongue with member of the congregation so Rabbi Dick would be appropriate.
        I heard that he later went on to be a psychologist. Go figure. Truth is stranger than fiction.

        • “Truth is stranger than fiction”

          A tongue sandwich is no “tongue-in-cheek” experience to be taken lightly, though
          One Rabbi’s tongue sandwich may later become “chopped liver” for a Freudian couch experience

  2. Always learning something from this group. This morning it was the definition of a dybbuk. Hopefully this part of the information Wikipedia posted is also correct: “It supposedly leaves the host body once it has accomplished its goal, sometimes after being helped.” May you have a dybbuk-free day today. (That’s called “passing dy buk.”) 🙂

    • Thank you.

      Not too much of the nasty in Friday Fictioneer’s writings so I thought this one must be pushing the edge a little bit.

      No, I agree, nothing too raunchy here but you never know who might be offended by a religious leader pinching a nipple in the middle of a wedding ceremony and some one might be grossed out by tongue.

      BTW, speaking of tongue, would you be intere…
      Care to play find me?

      Raucously Randy

  3. Hi Randy,
    You wicked devil. You have a creative tongue, I’ll bet. Don’t want to find out personally. And Father Dan, is he a Catholic priest and was Oliver an altar boy? That would explain a lot. Really funny and wild story and very entertaining! Offend this crowd? They’re too worldly wise! Ron

    • Thank you, Ron.
      First time I’ve had my tongue describes as “creative” – the words that usually are tagged with my tongue, either before it or after, are: twisted or twister, in cheek, put your ( ) back in your mouth, mmmm you have a great ( ), and the particular statement in which the other person misses that part of my anatomy completely (my tongue) and simply says “don’t give me any of your lip.”

      Glad to hear that we’re all too worldly wise, the story was non-offensive (which means I have room to expand more), and that the piece was funny, wild, and (most of all for me) entertaining.


    • Thank you.

      The correct spelling according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is:


      I am just so used to it it being pronounced Dybbick that I automatically misspell it.


      Wouldn’t want you spelling it incorrectly because of me

  4. I’d glad you went for it, Randy. And don’t worry about the lengthy prologue, I do it every week and so far no one has stuck a tongue in my ear (but I keep hoping!). There for a minute I thought she was marrying a Catholic. Rabbi Dick works much better.

    • Okay, Friday Fictioneers!
      You heard it first here at The Writers’ Village. A real scoop.

      Russell Gayer Hopes to Get Tongued

      On 11/30/2012 at 3:44 PM EDT, Russell Gayer admits publicly in writing to a deeply held hope for tongue. In an exclusive interview, he admits that it would go in his ear but we’ve heard from verified but anonymous sources that his keyboard’s “r’s” don’t work all the time so the ear may only be the end of his written word rather than the beginning or the hole thing, make that the whole thing.

      Russell goes on to report that he thought Rochelle secretly married a catholic, which is highly possible but unverified, and not even a part of The Writers’ Village story which was that a Father Dan married them. Hmm. that would have been polygamous, no? However, ultimately the editorial staff has agreed with Gayer that the Rabbi’s Dick works much better. Did that come out right? Wait, did that even come out?

      More tongue to come. Stay tuned to the tongue channel.

  5. I’m just tongue-tied…I’m sure someone has already said that. Ha. Ballsy and not offensive to me at all. I thought it was funny and a kind of tribute to combine the photos and present a story.

    • Dear Ms. Files,

      Let me untie your tongue so you can join in the fun.
      Glad to read that it was not offensive and you liked it.
      I think most readers felt it stayed on the line east of offensive for which I am glad. I like to push the envelop but not fall off the mail truck.


  6. You are a brave soul to tempt the Fictioneer Mistress in this way. Ha, but I saw the unveiled threat she left you up there in the comments above 😉 So funny, I’ve enjoyed the commentary following your story as much as the story itself.

  7. Randy…this is so original…I didn’t understand any of it…nor most of the comments. It may be because I spent the entire day ordering Christmas gifts on-line and my eyes are crossed.

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