Of Girls and Hair: The Other Great Depression —— Picture It and Write

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Write a paragraph of fiction or a poem to accompany the image.

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Of Girls and Hair: The Other Great Depression

Cora wished it was over already.

The clipping of the scissors in her ear made her worry about what else might be lopped off that she wasn’t ready to lose. So much of her life was lost before she had wanted to let it go. The things that should be over quickly seemed to go on forever.

She was hungry. This would feed her and her brothers.

The barber’s boy swept up the hair. His toothless grin made her all the more despairing.

Mother had her hair cut off again last week. Cora could no longer remember how many times she had it cut. Mother’s hair was always choppy. The barber said that he could not sell it anymore

Her brothers had begun to sell their blood.

The neighborhood she had grown up in had been bulldozed.
They now lived over by the river with a few others.
Father came and went. Like everything else.

Like the hair on the floor and the teeth that were no longer there in the barber’s boy’s mouth.

Everything, now, came and went.

Randy Mazie


23 thoughts on “Of Girls and Hair: The Other Great Depression —— Picture It and Write

    • Thanks. I try to be versatile from poetry and short short stories to comedy and politics – although most of what people read are the comedic dialogues.

      I don’t do science fiction, horror or detective/spy stuff.

      And yes, many in this world are in these straits. I worry about it becoming more so here…

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