Suleiman al-Daya issued a fatwa:

fatwa – wikipedia commons image


Suleiman al-Daya issued a fatwa declaring that it “is the duty of each and every one of us (to respect the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas). Violating it shall constitute a sin.”

Soon thereafter the Pope issued his own proclamation along these same lines. The Dalai Lama also issued a statement. The elders of every church issued theirs. Every denomination joined in. Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Taoists, every religious group and sect from all parts of the world soon issued proclamations of support.

The chief orthodox rabbi in Israel came forward and made a great leap of faith by stating that if any Jew were to break the peace, if would be as if he or she were eating treyf (something unkosher, which is a sin) and would make that Jew as stupid as the goyim (which could be considered another sin)

The goyim choosing not to take offense at the rabbi’s backwards wisdom rejoiced, and celebrated the fact that Jews now would not lower themselves to cast the first stone.

All the people of the world were relieved. They took to the streets and danced and sang and celebrated.

Then they began to talk about a beginning of a world peace; prosperity for all mankind. They began to discuss negotiations with all of the world’s wealthiest people and their families, the CEO’s, the multinational corporations, the purveyors of environmental tragedies, the keepers of laborers in poverty and distress, the sellers of faux images and unnecessary items, the purveyors of planned obsolescence.

Super PACs quickly and quietly began to form as the conversations heightened. More and more money began to roll in. Forces of resistance, some might say control and power, began to coalesce.

But in the meanwhile people everywhere danced and sang and hoped and prayed and talked; as if they were of one accord, each of one heart, and as if they all were of one world.

Randy Mazie


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