Grateful Vittles: Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie Mcferrin posts a “Five Sentence Fiction” prompt.
This week it is: FEAST

from Lillie McFerrin FSF


Grateful Vittles

Goodness, Aunt Bea, that’s some good lookin’ spread there.
Clem, could you ever jest imagine etin’ all that scrumptious lookin’ food?
Maybe over at Mr. and Mrs. Worthing’s place they can afford to feast like that.
Now that is the truth Clem, though I thought I’d jest show you the latest picture from that
      Good Housekeeping magazine that Sister Darlene show’d me last week.
Mmm… well, what we got for us today, Aunt Bea, to be thankful for – the usual vittles?

Randy Mazie


12 thoughts on “Grateful Vittles: Five Sentence Fiction

    • just did and left you a little sumpthing there.
      Next time you feel like cooking and you’re in my side of town with the windows down on your car, please feel free to let me know. I’ll sit on the side of the street and you can try hitting me, so I can have dinner, too.


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