Dean and Jerry Visit the Museum: Friday Fictioneers

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
This week it’s:



Dean and Jerry Visit the Museum

Dean, ask her.
Wait, Jerry. Miss, what’s your name?
Dean, please…
Jerry, let Miss Jenny finish.
These wonderful old pieces can be found almost anywhere and…
Very interesting, Miss Jenny, but I…
Jerry, it’s not nice to interrupt.
Sorry, Miss, but it’s not nice if one does something one should not do.
What do you want, Jerry?
Where’s the men’s room?
The finger’s pointing the way and the man’s head is below it.
See Dean. That wasn’t hard, was it?
Jerry, leave me and Miss Jenny to finish this part of the tour. Now where were we, Miss?

Randy Mazie


40 thoughts on “Dean and Jerry Visit the Museum: Friday Fictioneers

  1. dean always was the smooth one. a tip to save words – with dialogue, we don’t often say the other person’s name very much because we can usually tell who is talking to whom – if we’re there. i think they say each other’s names more than necessary.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      When there’s two characters I don’t worry so much about the reader’s losing the dialogue, but when there’s three, and because some lines could be said by any of the other two characters, I don’t want the reader’s flow to get lost in having to go back and reread to check who might have actually said what.

      I rather lose word count than the reader’s enjoyment.
      Unless you’re suggesting that the overuse of names is getting in the way of flow.


    • “Potty humor. Sigh.”
      I don’t get it. Lewis and Martin are classic acts.
      It’s not like they resorted to gaseous sounds or foul language for laughs.
      I realize that you also wrote, “;-) I enjoyed it” after that, but
      there is always some truth in one’s first statement…
      and I pot-ty-cularly resent it.

      Next you’ll be saying that puns are the lowest form of humor…
      Happy pulling your leg and wing day to you and Bill and family


    • Ho.Ho. (not to be confused with the street Ho. Ho.)

      “That’s the same face I make in the bathroom!”

      Thank you for sharing.
      My face, too.
      Now watch how many folks cry, “TMI. Gross me out. Men…”

      Happy thanksgiving, btw.


  2. A far less sinister interpretation of the face than mine. I can see it’s hard to keep straight with three people talking, I guess that explains why usually in books you just have two people talking at once. Definitely something to think about.

  3. If there’s one thing I am up on is bathroom signs… I love the cute writing, but I just don’t think “the face” depicts anything to do with the rest room! It is laughing, so the arrow is pointing to the funny dialogue! Does this comment make any sense at all?

  4. Nicely executed, Randy. I like a writer who lets me know where the bathroom is at all times. The only “potty humor” was in the comments, and I enjoyed them immensely.

    • The bathroom should be one the first places a civilized person needs to aware of when entering new environs.
      This should be immediately after inquiring about the health and good fortunes of the host and hostess.

      This is reprinted from “The Upward Mobility of the Middle Ass in America” circa 1910. Every person who desires a higher berth in life should read this – preferable while on a commode, or when seeking, at least, a porcelain throne.

  5. Dear Randy,

    My attempt at hystorical fiction was unfairly maligned this week. Yours was tarred with the same brush but I thought it a refined offering suitable for discerning audiences.



    • Vous vous moquez de moi, vrai?
      Tirez mon jambe, n’cest poas?

      Surely you do not pull my finger, monsieur, but my leg…

      And – was that “hystorical fiction”, hysterical fiction, histrioncal fiction, or high store-ical frisson – or did you simply get your typing finger pulled?

      Enjoyed everything from everyone this week – but then I mostly do anyways.



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