Meanwhile, On Some Distant Marble, Playing Pool with the Universe

If you haven’t started following, or at least reading, Whimsygizmo’s poetry, please try clicking here. I find myself inspired to write my own poems spinning out from her works.

picture by Randy Mazie – Moon by God


Whimsygizmo’s Blog
(Posted on November 15, 2012)

Meanwhile, on some distant marble,

We barter moons.
You pilfer glow and I pocket useless reflective rocks, cast them
loose to puncture some new holes clean through this tired sky.
This breeze and I, we’re weary of spinning things with molten,
lying cores, tilt and twist of tongue. Everyone murmurs gravity
hurts but no one’s told us why and I am no longer certain they
are coming back for us at all. You play pool with the planets to
pass the time and twiddle idle thumbs; I dream of hitchhiking,
and ache to swap these sighs for stardust.

De Jackson

Playing Pool with the Universe

Saturn in the side pocket,
Then rack me up another universe, Sam.
Helen wants me home,
Thinks the world of me,
But one more quick one wouldn’t hurt,
Would it,

Randy Mazie

reblogged with Ms. Jackson’s permission


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