The Greatest Public Contribution: Life Slices

Life Slices explores living moments.

Exposing the best and the worst in life,
Life Slices shows how life
affects each of us in some very significant ways.

Inspired by Boy With a Hat’s “50 Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away”
And the contradictoryoptimist’s “100words-100stories-100days”,
“Life Slices” portrays slices of life in 50 words or less.

growth – pic by Randy Mazie


The Greatest Public Contribution

Earning millions of dollars before age 22, Gooden brothers, Donald and Kerry, multiplied it 100-fold.

Paying almost no tax, they donate millions politically to maintain tax breaks. They use national resources, but feel little compulsion to replenish them.

Job creation, they crow, is the greatest public contribution anyone can make.

Randy Mazie


Have some fun...

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