A Bewitched Silence: Julia’s Place 100WCGU

What is 100WCGU? Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture.

The prompt is:

… the silence was deafening …

As usual you have 100 words to add to those making 104 all together.

scanned pic from Nostalgic America magazine


A Bewitched Silence

Samantha, why is everything so loud?
Eek, Darrin, don’t move.
What’s the matter?
I’ll stand on your right side. It won’t be so loud.
What’s happening?
Weeeelll, Darrin, you wanted herring for dinner and I got my spell a teensy bit wrong.
Sam, I told you I didn’t want you using magic.

It was just a little spell, and it doesn’t look too bad from this side.
What did you do?
I sort of mispronounced my words.

“Herring, not hearing, for Darrin’s dinner.”

There goes her nose.
Both of their mouths fall open.
The silence was deafening.

Darrin’s ear was now on his dinner plate!

Randy Mazie


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