George and Gracie Practice for Gracie’s Sports Medicine Class: Picture It and Write

Picture It and Write from ermiliablog@wordpress
Write a paragraph of fiction or a poem to accompany the image.

The picture prompt for this week is below:

picture reprinted from Picture it & Write


George and Gracie Practice for Gracie’s Sports Medicine Class

Mmmbbrye stspyl wsdyty.
George, what did you say?

Mmmbbrye stspyl wsdyty.
The ace bandage is itchy?

Mmmbbrye stspyl wsdyty.
Just hold on a minute. Two more wraps and I should have it right. Then I’ll take it off.

Hytreg brwrd ponmackz.
Oh George, you’re always being silly. I’m sure your head is not hurting. It’s just not that tight.

Cxzft wdddgrt lojhgpsat.
Now you’re just being very silly. I do not have it on wrong. You know, I’m never gonna pass this sports bandaging module for my sports medicine class unless you cooperate. I got to have the practice.

Jdgdte bbbddrste ommsft.
Oh, last week wasn’t that bad. So I put the tourniquet on your neck instead of your arm. I saw your eyes bulge right away, and I took it off immediately, didn’t I?

Rdsdfste geraowmpabnvce tttrdst.
And I did CPR right away. Wasn’t it great that I had taken the CPR module right before I did the tourniquet module? It worked out really good, don’t you think?

Frdwlmmcvyt fdrdr savquiexzed nopl.
Hold on, George. Just wait a moment, George. Let me read section 13 again because I can still see your nose in the middle of the ace bandage application. I don’t think I’m supposed to see any skin. Hmm. You know George, I think you were right. It was supposed to go around your knee.

Swam fotgyr y ewsnslkjoye.
You are so right, George, How silly of me once again. Let’s see. Where did I tie that knot at the end of the ace bandage? Just hold on, George. I should be able to untie it soon. If not, I’ll get the scissors and cut you out.

What’s that, George? Not over your dead body? Don’t you trust me, George? You know my mother always said that trust in a relationship is so important. Are you crying, George? Don’t cry. It’s so unbecoming. I’ll get you out. Do you remember the time that I …

Randy Mazie


11 thoughts on “George and Gracie Practice for Gracie’s Sports Medicine Class: Picture It and Write

    • Is that you George? Or did I accidentally bandage, Bill? Or is it bondage, Bill?

      Oh well, I guess I’ll find out after I find those darn scissors.

      Oh, here’s a box cutter. That’ll work. My mother always said the quickest way to a man’s heart is through … now what was it through? Oh well, it’ll come back to me. Bill? Bill? Where did you go, Bill?

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