Going Through the Candidates to Date: Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie Mcferrin posts a “five sentence fiction” prompt.
This week it is: CANDIDATE


Going Through the Candidates to Date

Jim, what did you just say that my husband said I was when he decided to call me to take me out on our first date?

I said that he called you a candidate, but I’m sorry Lucy, I shouldn’t have said that, it was a poor choice on my part to have said anything at all about it to you.

Steven, on our first date, you told me my sister gave you my name, not that you found me on a dating website and that I was one of several “candidates” that you were considering going out with.

Lucy, it wasn’t like you think it was, and I didn’t mean to deceive you, and it was your sister who entered you on that dating website without your knowledge and that’s how I met her and she gave me your information and the rest is history, sweetheart.

Yeah Lucy, Steve really didn’t find you on that “Candy Date” site, it was your sister’s picture that he kept looking at saying how hot she… oh, sure, Steve, I’ll be going now, you really don’t have to be rude like that, I can take a hint.

Randy Mazie


12 thoughts on “Going Through the Candidates to Date: Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Candy Date sounds a lot like that infamous date on a dare concept… too funny, and one can only guess at the dialog that is soon to follow this exchange! Clever take on the prompt. Loved it!

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