Anti-Austerity Rage: A Multinational Limerick Poem

The Spanish, the British, the Italians, the Israelis:
All of them cry, “We’re being pinched.”
Throw open up the windows, everyone,
and yell,
“We’re not going to take it anymore.”

pic from public domain search through Bing
Anti-Austerity Rage: A Multinational Limerick Poem

Anti-austerity rage.
You read it on every page.
Spain says that their bankers
Are greedy old wankers
Who shouldn’t be earning a wage.

And Italy’s men are a-dying,
Leaving widows and children a-crying,
As their greedy take all,
The men take a fall
Off a bridge, and it’s just terrifying.

And England’s no better than this,
Their wealthy say, “Here is a kiss.
We’re cutting you back
So that we’re in the black,
And we can keep living in bliss.”

Even Israelis have riots.
They’ve had to cut back on their diets.
They’re feeling unhealthy
With their un-kosher wealthy,
Who still book their rooms at the Hyatts.

Each one of us feeling alike.
Time to say, “Go take a hike”.
Declare the wealthy unfit.
We’re so tired of their shit.
Time for a world that’s on strike.
(And we’d do it much more businesslike!)

So vote out or throw out the bunch.
And I have an interesting hunch.
They’ll cower and grovel,
But let’s get a shovel –
And throw ‘em all out before lunch.

Randy Mazie


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