Presidential Potions: Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie Mcferrin posts a “five sentence fiction” prompt.
This week it is: Potions
Below is the picture she has posted on her site:

pic reprinted from Lillie McFerrin Blog


Presidential Potions

Neither side spoke anymore.

He had tried over and over to bring them together.

Where he thought he had reached a compromise, even though he had crossed well over the line to other’s side, they still reneged at every turn or at the very last minute.

Did he need a magic potion, perhaps?

If I need magic, the President chuckled to himself, then let’s “bring it on” with my magic wand pen of executive orders waving over an intransigent Congress.

Randy Mazie


6 thoughts on “Presidential Potions: Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Now we have a congress that should be in recess but technically will not, in order to preempt recess appointments. The pen might be mightier than the sword, but an intransigent congress is an immovable object.

    Still, one may hope . . .


    • So, we move to expanding agency authority with magic dust, going to the media to tell the world that the other guys are obstructionists by using the magic paint brush, using magic intonations to engage or disengage the justice department to pursue or not to pursue certain policies that congress won’t address, and so on.

    • not “if only…”
      He is.

      For better or for worse.
      He has been forced to do it because of this Congress, and I applaud him. I wish he’d do more.

      But though I am for his politics, it greatly worries me. Not because presidents in the past haven’t resorted at times to these maneuvers, but possibly that the degree to which he is taking these steps, and I am mindful that he is trying to be moderate in this regard, that it is still setting precedents for future presidents to do end runs around congress, and possibly a congress that is not as intransigent as this one.

      Open for discussions….

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