Way Too Slick: Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers – Madison Woods posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
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This week it’s:

Photo is by Ron Pruitt.

Way Too Slick

After waiting in line all night to get a ticket,
their music was bringing me back to life.

“When the truth is found…”
I sang along feeling high already.
“To be lies. And all the joy
Within you dies….”

The Airplane helped “feed my head”.
I morphed with them into the Starship.
They flew me to new levels of consciousness.
Wow, man.
It’s, like, unbelievable that they’ve reinvented themselves!
This is, like, blowing my mind getting to trip out again with them on the:

Jefferson Starbus.

This is, like, you know, way too Slick.

Randy Mazie


58 thoughts on “Way Too Slick: Friday Fictioneers

  1. I loved them in both incarnations–Airplane and Starship. Even got to see them in concert once when Balin was singing but I almost forfeited my hearing. I was so naive I didn’t even realize most of their songs were about drugs. Never smoked and never inhaled.

    Oh, yes…and I liked the story, too. 🙂

  2. Dear Randy,

    This was one of your best. it’s in the “I wish I’d thought of it” category. From the title to the incorporation of the lyrics, a one hundred per cent success. Alice could not have written it better.



    • Doug,

      Thank you.
      Now please tell everyone that we are not related, I did not pay you an honorarium to write that, and my mother (who is the original Red Queen) did not call you threatening to thrash you if you did not write something nice.

      That being said, come join Alice and me for a cup of tea and a Jefferson airplane at our party.

      Mad “Randy” Hatter

  3. Ok, I think I’m too English to ‘get’ this one – I don’t know the song – but it makes me smile. I can imagine a tripped out hippy, the voice is very believable, so maybe I do ‘get’ it after all?

    • Wow, like Sandra, no problema Missy “S”.

      Just read the inscription below in the reply to Sister”T” (that’s like “T” for Trudy)
      And everything will be clear to “U”.

      Ha. This is like alphabet stew, wow.

      Well, Trudy and me will, like, we’ll see you at the office hookah and then all will become clear. Hee hee.

      Randy the Smokin’ Caterpiller

    • Thanks for the compliment.
      I actually don’t have a good voice. Grace’s voice, I thought, was pretty perfect.

      Oh wait, you were referring to the writing voice. Oh. Far out! Like I totally missed that. Wow.

  4. Love your reference to Grace Slick. These young kids on the web don’t know what they missed. I’m proud to say I lived in San Francisco just as Jefferson Airplane made it big replacing their first singer, Signe Toly Anderson, with Grace Slick in 1966. Your post was exhilarating- now there’s a word I don’t use often. And exciting. I loved it. You outdid yourself this time!

  5. if Doug doesn’t want his honorarium, I’ll take it. I usually charge $1 a word, but since I like this story, and it will be easy to write a paragraph singing your praise, I’ll cut you a discount. In fact, just put it on a Amazon gift card and I’ll order 60s music.

    • I got a bargain with Doug then, He only charged 25 cents/word.
      Doug – if I get any referrals I tell them you charge 50 cents/word. Still half price compared to Russell, and I only require a 15% finder’s fee.

      I love America, I love a free enterprise system, and I love the entrepreneurial spirit.

      Russel – thanks for stopping by and not throwing me under the bus. Ha.


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