The Sherwood Forest Tour: Picture It and Write

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Write a paragraph of fiction to accompany the image.
Or, it can be a poem
Anyone who wants to join in is welcome.

the picture prompt for this week is below:

The Sherwood Forest Tour

I told you folks that you would see a very spectacle in these very same woods.

This is the very spot that Robin Hood would sit.

What’s that? How do I know that this is the very spot indeed?

Because what light through yonder window breaks, and hits this very tree which shines, and every day on this same spot becomes a very testament.

Yes, you little fungus, so I stole the line from Romeo and Juliet. So what? You got something against Shakespeare?

Okay, so just imagine there is a window there in the midst of those trees. Come on. Let’s loosen up a little, kid.

And so, Robin would gather his gay men around him, telling magnificent tales to them every evening as the sun would set.

Yes, I know you know them as merry men. But times change. We no longer call them merry, do we, squirt?

And, as an interesting aside, folks, the truth be known the stories Robin related to his men were not the tales that we cherish of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. No sirs. You wouldn’t believe the erotica that spewed from Robin’s lips.

Young men, it was not like today back then. Back then, there no pictures or movies to download or web sites to visit. But our Robin kept his men very well entertained.

And these gay men wore what we call Lincoln Green. The very same color of the very same moss you are observing on this very same tree.

They loved to match their outfits to their surroundings. Tres chic, if you happen to like it French, mes cheres.

The clothes were dyed in the town of Lincoln, but since that was the name of the great president of the United States, we’ve ne’er called it that again.

What’s that, young man? Did I make that up? Are you calling me a liar, you little John?

Well, I could be lying about your President, but not about the color or the town.

Now let’s see where was I?

No son, Robin did not look like Kevin Costner. Nor did Robin have that dreadful American Bahw-stun accent.

And, if you insist, I think Robin Williams in drag would have been a better choice for a Hollywood Hood.

You know what? I think it’s time to move on down the woods.

The next stop is the path that Little Red Riding Hood took.

Interesting note, she was Robin’s second cousin on the Hood side of the family.

No you stupid little Johnson, they didn’t name your American ‘hood after them.

And, no, they never rapped as Li’l Red and Robb Inn.

Randy Mazie


12 thoughts on “The Sherwood Forest Tour: Picture It and Write

  1. Haha, I love how you made Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood related. What a brilliant idea! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write, Randy.

    – Ermisenda

  2. OMG I fell apart when you said Costner! I am just so frikkin hysterical atm…! Peter Pan is robbing from the rich, and lines that should have been eloquently delivered are trapped in the tongue of um… Little Red Riding Hook? Thank you, Randy!! ♥

  3. The middle of England is where I dwell
    A beautiful place to live
    In the spring the buds appear
    The sun the bloom does give

    The summer comes and goes too fast
    Then autumn time appears
    Oh how I love the falling leaves
    Falling like my tears

    Soon the snow falls at our feet
    The frost does bite my fingers
    Middle England where I dwell
    And Robin Hood once lingered

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