Tahrir Square Squared

A renewed call,
another uprising,
from northern Africa to the middle east,
to Tibetan Buddhists and monks,
then maybe to Europe
and to cities across the US, and maybe more…


phtoshop pic by Randy Mazie
Tahrir Square Squared…
Small demonstrations were to take place in town squares or city parks in every country around the world. Volunteers signed on via social media.
A tribute to Mohamed Bouaziz, who on December 17, 2010 outside the Governor’s office in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, set the world on fire.
Every participant held one sign:
“No one needs to earn millions.”
“No one needs to starve.”
“Limit poverty and wealth.”
“Everyone wants to work.”
“Everyone wants to participate.”
Self-immolation began the whole world over.
A bittersweet expression of world desire for equity and peace.
Tahrir Square squared …
     and squared again.

Randy Mazie


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