Too Much Lettuce, Not Enough Mustard? Julia’s Place 100WCGU

What is 100WCGU? Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture.

The prompt is (click here to visit this week’s post):

… I woke with another headache …

As usual you have 100 words to add to those making 106 all together.


Too Much Lettuce, Not Enough Mustard?

(a one-sided telephone conversation – his side)

I woke with another headache? Why would you say that?
We had a great night of slapping the lettuce on the sesame bun.

Yes, I know you could have pretended to have had a headache last night.
But when you say you woke up with a headache, well, that’s not even good English.

Yes, it’s “I awoke with a headache.” Not, “I woke with a headache.”

Jennifer, you get headaches when, you know, there’s not enough mustard on the sandwich.

And yes, you are blaming me.

And yes, my back is killing me.

You know exactly what that means.

Randy Mazie


15 thoughts on “Too Much Lettuce, Not Enough Mustard? Julia’s Place 100WCGU

  1. LOL! nicely done…and I too, wonder if they’ll stay together other than for booty calls. But he DID call her in the morning so….. ? But which parts are the lettuce and which the mustard! LOL! might need to explore this analogy with my husband… hmmm…

    also, the link you put into Julia’s place has overlapped or messed up; had to http:// and type in your title to get here.

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  3. Morning after phone calls with a debate on grammar? They say it takes all kinds…

    Btw, it is correct to say you “woke up with a headache”. Slip (up)?

  4. And that’s just the phone call. One has to wonder just how hard the awkward/frustrated level will spike when these two meet again.
    Very realistic and even harsh to a degree. Well done!

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