Life’s Savings: Life Slices

Life Slices explores living moments.

Exposing the best and the worst in
everyday experiences,
Life Slices shows how life
affects each of us in significant ways.
Inspired by Boy With a Hat’s “50 Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away”
And the contradictoryoptimist’s “100words-100stories-100days”,
“Life Slices” portrays slices of life in 50 words or less.

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Life’s Savings

Frank worked hard all his life, and invested his life’s saving in a business to secure his “golden” years.

However, the intense preparations and time devoted to establishing the venture nearly killed him, aging him swiftly, and leaving him wondering if the devil had had a hand in the deal.

Randy Mazie

8 thoughts on “Life’s Savings: Life Slices

  1. Frank came to Ohio after losing his family to the latest potato famine. He met a girl in the cafe where he went hoping for a handout. She rented a flat upstairs. They had thirteen children while he was fighting the Rebs. He retired to Colorado. Silver mine.

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