Life’s Slices: Wedding Anniversary

Life’s Slices explores living moments.

Expressing and exposing the best and the worst of life,
as well as those everyday but taken-for-granted experiences,
Life’s Slices will feature situations that affect
each of us in some measured or important way.
Inspired by Boy With a Hat’s “50 Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away”
And the contradictoryoptimists’ “100words-100stories-100days”,
“Life’s Slices” will portray slices of life in 50 words or less.

picture by Randy Mazie


Life’s Slices: Wedding Anniversary

On Ellen’s twentieth wedding anniversary, an investigator from their swanky honeymoon hotel showed up inquiring about missing silverware from their breakfast-in-bed room service.

Eating her porridge and smiling, she replied that she knew nothing. Then swiftly closing the front door, she grinned at the silver spoon she was eating with.

Randy Mazie


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