365 Days, 365 Positions: Picture It and Write

Picture It and Write from ermiliablog@wordpress
Write a paragraph of fiction to accompany the image.
Or, it can be a poem
Anyone who wants to join in is welcome.

the picture prompt for this week is below:

365 Days, 365 Positions

I can’t do it that way.
The book says it’s not hard.
I don’t care what the book says.
Come on, we bought it and you promised you’d try some of the positions.
I know what I promised and I know what I can do and they’re two different things
Party pooper.
Maybe, but at least I won’t be an “in traction” party pooper.
Well, you haven’t even tried the first position.
Because I can’t even come near to doing the first position, much less any of them.
Listen, when I agreed to trying new sexual things, I thought you’d buy “101 Ways to
       Enjoying a Couple’s Night Out” or “Foreplay for Married Couples”.
I didn’t think you’d buy “365 days, 365 positions”.
Come on, it’s really not hard.
No, it’s really not hard. So, why don’t we just go buy that book on foreplay, hon?

Randy Mazie

25 thoughts on “365 Days, 365 Positions: Picture It and Write

  1. I do yoga, nothing like that though. I have the DVDs separated into categories. “Enjoy,” “can-do”, and “work up to.” The “work up to” ones tend to be more strength and endurance though, nothing complicated pretzel, but I totally related to the “what I promised and I know what I can do and they’re two different things.”

    Thanks for contributing,

    • Who’s Ed? I don’t know any ED. And does ED do that position? And if he does, please don’t post any picture of him here on my post. We don’t need any ED Art in positions like that – unless they’re EDWINA’s like the one above. Now that we got that settled!

      What is this 365 days and one position you wrote about? Randy

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