Life Slices: Eighty-Six is Enough

Life Slices will explore living moments.

Expressing and exposing the best and the worst of life,
as well as those everyday but taken-for-granted experiences,
Life Slices will feature situations that affect
each of us in some important way.
Inspired by Boy With a Hat’s “50 Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away”
And the contradictoryoptimists’ “100words-100stories-100days”,
“Life Slices” will portray slices of life in 50 words or less.

mom pic by Randy Mazie


Eighty-Six is Enough

Nellie smiled. “Eighty-six is enough. I’ll do a few last things at home with my family.”

The doctors pleaded, “A biopsy will diagnose ovarian cancer, and extend your life.”

Her family convinced her.

During the procedure, they punctured a blood vessel.

Nellie died, alone, within six weeks of hospital hell.

Randy Mazie


13 thoughts on “Life Slices: Eighty-Six is Enough

        • Thanks.
          We had the opposite with my dad – having to decide whether to continue him on life support or not. But ultimately, he had made his own decision in having generated a “do not resuscitate”; a will indicating that he did not want life support. I admire my dad for what he felt was a sense of pride in handling his own life’s affairs.

          Still very difficult. Consoling ourselves with that’s what he wanted, and it’s all for the best, and what kind of life would he have had if we kept him going – none makes sense ultimately when faced with the death, the loss, of someone you love. Randy

    • They, like all of us from time to time, have to live with guilt.
      But I believe that we do these things thinking it is in the other person’s best interest, especially when authoritative sources are the ones recommending it.
      Sad though; very sad.

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