Got to Have Some Sigma Eta Xi: Julia’s Place 100WCGU

What is 100WCGU? Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture. You have 100 words in order to write a creative piece.

This week’s prompt is a picture (to visit the site click here):

Got to Have Some Sigma Eta Xi

I can’t believe I doing this.
I’m actually sitting petrified on Jackal’s Tongue Bluff
Everything is squishy. I’m dizzy. I’m going to throw up.
Why did I agree to pee off the Bluff?
I should never have pledged for the Sigma Eta Xi.
My pants are wet, I freezing, and I swear I’m gonna die.
And next they want me stand naked in front of John’s All Night Diner and beg for food.
If I don’t measure up on the bluff and in the buff, they’ll de-pledge me.
The friggin’ parties and girls better be worth it.

Randy Mazie


23 thoughts on “Got to Have Some Sigma Eta Xi: Julia’s Place 100WCGU

    • Your comment made me sad thinking about the broad stroke of humanity’s inhumanity just within the last 100 years from the first great depression where everyone wanted to get rich quick to Hitler’s Third Reich (and all our religious and ethnic cleansing wars since then) to the current depression where we once again want to get rich quick and the hell with the poor and middle class and anyone else (again ethnic cleansing and religious – the hell with blacks, latinos, non-christians – the 47%, the 99% and on and on).

      Wow, all this from peeing over a cliff…

  1. Oh dear. This made me laugh but only because I would never do anything like this and just don’t get why anyone would go through this torture just to be part of some social club… I know ‘Sigma Eta Xi’ is all some teens can think about but still… An interesting take on the prompt!

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