Green Bushes, Huh, Elmo?

Two old buzzards looking at the bushes.
Elmo and Bernie.
Just not sure of what they’re looking at.
So one says to the other…

Picture of Two Buzzards by Randy Mazie

Green Bushes, Huh, Elmo?

Elmo, what’s that over there?
Over there in the bushes?
What bushes?
Those bushes?
They’re boys.
Not the boys, Elmo.
Then what?
What’s in the bushes?
Dunno. All I see is boys.
Well, what bushes are they, Elmo?
Come on, Bernie. They’s my bushes.You know that.
No, Elmo. I meant what kind?
They’s green bushes with whitish leaves.
No, Elmo, now come on.
Do you mean what’s growing on them bushes?
Well, they’s berries growing on them.
Berries, huh?
Okay, so then what’s with the boys?
Oh, those are boyz-n-berries.

Randy Mazie

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