Love Texts: TMI@TMB

Ok – so not every piece can be high brow.
Every once in a while you got to stoop to some new lows.
That’s what makes for vaudeville and whoopee cushions
and a whole (no pun intended) rich array of roasted rump humor…
Bottoms up!!!!!

Picture by Randy Mazie

Love Texts: TMI@TMB

He: Thank u 4 dinner lst nite
She: Ur wlcme. Will I c u tonite?
He: Don’t thnk so.
She: u upset?
He: Yes, my stomach.
She: Was it my dinner?
He: the chili was great but
She: but what?
He: my farts are WMD’s – could kill an entire country!
She: Oh… TMI
He: No, TMB
She: Too many beans?
He: u got it!
She: stay home. Call me tomorrow.

Randy Mazie

7 thoughts on “Love Texts: TMI@TMB

  1. Being able to withstand someone’s gas is an important step in a serious relationship – couples shouldn’t just rush into it!
    Then again, when serving chili, you should expect it – let her enjoy the fruits (the musical fruits that is) of her labor.

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