The Rule of Three: Trifecta Challenge

Trifecta Challenge:

The Rule of Three is a writing principle that asserts that, in writing, groups of three have the most impact. This week’s challenge is to write 33 words using the Rule of Three somewhere among them. It is up to you to interpret the rule, just make sure to use exactly 33 words.

picture taken by Randy Mazie
of Lake Placid, Florida mural


Trinity: He, She and the Community

Cowering, shivering, half-covering
Her head her nakedness her hurts her sins
Helpless laid-bare
Then a stone and then another
Until One-judged
Who is not unlike her…?

Go and sin no more.

Randy Mazie

18 thoughts on “The Rule of Three: Trifecta Challenge

    • Something about getting stoned and sin no more, maybe? J.C. (Jesus Cannibus)
      Everybody must get stoned. Bob Dylan
      No stone goes unturned (or no stoner for that matter, either). Cheech and Chong

      Thanks for the “great job.” Randy

Have some fun...

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