Halloween: Picture It and Write

Picture it and Write from ermiliablog@wordpress
Write a paragraph of fiction to accompany the image.
Or, it can be a poem
Anyone who wants to join in is welcome.

the picture prompt for this week is below:

“Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all?”

Last year I was Wonder Woman;
This year Snow White’s wicked stepmother.
So few years to go and so many amazing women to portray…
There’s still Marie Antoinette in a hot French gown telling the commoners to eat cake,
And oooh, my bare bottomed Godiva on a broom stick horse, or
I could be Eve offering the apple to Adam and I could be dressed in those hot fig leaves.

But that Prince Charming of mine, no, he has “greater expectations” of me.
He thinks I should be Marie Curie, Mother Theresa or Ruth Westheimer (Oh yeah, that’s sexy!)
He says I should I should try Emily Dickinson or Amelia Earhart (Let him get lost flying around the world),
Indira Gandhi or Golda Meir (Chicken soup, anyone?),
Susan B. Anthony, Clare Boothe Luce, or even Bella Abzug (Ugh. Sorry Boy with a Hat).

I think this year I’ll cast a spell on him and turn him into a toad for once and all.
He’s got to go.
Where’s my cell phone? What’s Prince Harry’s number?

Randy Mazie

15 thoughts on “Halloween: Picture It and Write

  1. You have a great sense of humor, Randy! “Last year I was Wonder Woman” had me laughing at the start.

    Technical excellence vs. poetic license. I’m just going to say… I was there. I was Eve. I told Adam to put that frikkin apple back. He didn’t. He lied to God. For thousands of years since, I have been proud of myself while Adam was ashamed, and he had forced mirrors on me to shame me for his original lie.

  2. This is a para from my story ‘Trick or Treat’…..
    Once she was out of the shower herself and sipping her second glass of wine, she changed into the black cat outfit that went perfectly with her feline features. Her pale skin and perfect round breasts looked wonderful with the black velvet costume. The satin mask accentuated her jewel like eyes, gleaming like a cat in the headlights of a car. Her husband told her she was beautiful, she wanted him to take her in his arms and call her a sexy little minx. He was Dracula, pretty and blonde, but Dracula!

  3. Its Halloween
    I’m all alone
    Not scared
    No not me!

    It’s cold outside
    Its dark and wet
    No ghosts or ghouls
    To see

    I’ve locked the door
    Turned down the lights
    Pretend that
    I’m not here

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