Hi, My Friend, It’s Good to See You Here Again: Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie Mcferrin posts a “five sentence fiction” prompt.
This week it is: Memories
Below is the picture she has posted on her site:

Hi, My Friend, It’s Good to See You Here Again

Hi, my friend, it’s good to see you here again.
It’s not like I have missed you though
For in my mind, you’re always there for me like that;
And who you’re looking at isn’t really who you think it is.

Oh yes, I’m know that I am old, but that’s not me you see;
Inside, I am still you, and truly I am glad to see you back.
I don’t consider you a guest or this a visit –
Or is it?

Please don’t tell me that…

Randy Mazie

17 thoughts on “Hi, My Friend, It’s Good to See You Here Again: Five Sentence Fiction

  1. I sometimes have no sense of what I look like. When I catch a glimpse of myself in a window, I can be pleased, amazed, shocked or depressed. It’s often best to disregard the reflection and look inward and consult what you find there. You’ll gain access to much more information, I believe.

    • I like that the piece moved you to thought and to write.
      I share your description of your reactions to your own reflection, and the deflection to attempt to recognize the inner me.
      We still must conciliate among and between the inner me and the outward me (and the idealized me).
      Wow, I suddenly heard Tobey Keith’s I wanna talk about me me me me me me Hahahaha Randy

  2. Got to admit that at times I am truly shocked by what I see in the mirror. Photos can be even more unforgiving. I prefer to keep my delusions intact and avoid both wherever possible.

    • I understand completely.
      I wouldn’t recognize you if I saw you either (me neither for that matter too).
      In the immortal spirit of Groucho Marx, “Now that I think about it, we could be absolutely alone together without recognizing anyone. Do you even recognize what I’m saying, my new fried?”
      Gives a whole new twist to being incognito. Put that in your mirror and shoot it (a picture shot, not a gun shot).


  3. I wonder if any of us are truly happy with who they see in the mirror? We should be less critical of ourselves so we can be friends with our reflections!
    I like that your protagonist isn’t letting age define her.

  4. I so know this poem! I live today the verrse “For in my mind, you’re always there for me like that; ”
    Absolutely charming.
    I’d never jeard of 5-sentence fiction How wonderful Thank you for turning me on to the fiction, and the poem. I am amazed at the perceptions of the writer.

    Really a great blog I shall return ~ BB

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