A Nice Sarcastic Sonnet Makes My Day

I’m back after a small hiatus with my family.
We had a great time.
And to start us back off on the right foot
with just the right tone
I offer you:
A little sarcasm with your tea.
A little something for you and me.
A little poem to set things right
and help to whet your appetite.


A Nice Sarcastic Sonnet Makes My Day

A nice sarcastic sonnet makes my day.
Much better than a cup of bitter tea.
I grab my pen and dispatch on my way
Those people who act like a chimpanzee.

There’s nothing that I hold against the apes.
They’re entertaining while I’m at the zoo.
But people who have brains the size of grapes
Should practice the great art of seppuku.

So rather than my ever wasting pearls
On monkeys when a sonnet’s repartee
Can punctuate a put-down in word swirls
Like wine in glasses of dry chardonnay.

But never will you ever see me drink
At someone who does not deserve my ink.

Randy Mazie


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