I Will Be Away This Weekend

and will miss not being able to read or write or post this week for Friday Fictioneers and Five Sentence Fiction. I won’t miss Julia’s Place 100WCGU as she will be away, too.

There is a whole bunch of new stuff ready to roll out that I won’t be posting until I return – because I will not have access to any internet service.

I will be writing though, bringing my laptop with me, my external hard drive, all my little pieces of papers with notes about things I’ve heard you say or things I’ve seen or imagined, stories and poems that I started and didn’t finish, a play that’s been begging me to continue to write, old New Yorkers crying to be read, and a book to finish lounging around in (Good in Bed – a fun oldie but goody read by Jennifer Weiner).

Most of all, my wife and I with be hanging out with our family.

photo – Randy Mazie – hanging out

We bring them together, and fortunately all of them are able to come, each year for Labor Day, at a lakeside cottage, which they, and we, cherish and enjoy. They have a blast – and I am happy to watch them enjoy themselves. Why do I watch? Because I am not a sun bather or a swimmer anymore – although I was when I was young.

Today I prefer other joys… one of which is watching my family enjoy themselves.

And if you were there to watch with me, you would see my four children and their spouses and/or significant others, my grand children, my mother-in-law, maybe my nephew who usually comes, a bunch of dogs (but no cats as one of the kids is severely allergic to cats). We will bring our dog but my next door neighbor’s kid will watch our cat.

We leave Wednesday morning and return on Monday. And although I will be relaxing and reading and ‘riting and enjoying the kids, I will miss you, too. I will miss posting and sharing and reading your comments, not just on my blog, but the comments you post on each others’ blogs as well. I enjoy what you write as well as all the commentary and camaraderie. I am enjoying the entire enchilada. Salsa and all.

So, in the meanwhile, I wish you a happy and safe Labor Day weekend as I hope ours is also. My best to you in comedy, poetry, and dialogue, in peace, good health, and with good wishes.


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