I Once Wrote On a Log: Reason 2 Rhyme Poetry Prompt 8-20-12

kbnelson’s Reason2Rhyme Poetry Prompt– “New Jargon”

Use a “new” word in pop culture to create a poem that reflects the sound of the word, possible definitions (real or imagined), or what your mind’s eye sees at the mention of this word or phrase.

For example, “Twitter” is no longer just a bird’s warbling. The word has grown to encompass something completely different. Play with a word or phrase that has evolved due to technology, the internet, or social media.

Here’s my spin on it…

I Once Wrote On a Log

Now I write on a blog.

And I blog on my site,
And I cite on my site, I recite
From my site, and insight from my site
Comes to me as I write, but I try not to write to incite on my site.
That wouldn’t seem right in my sight on my site.

Then I got the “New Word.”

And the new word was with “Wordpress.”
And though none of my words seemed wrinkled
I ironed them out on the page anyway.

I tried hard to save face after that.
So I started a Facebook.
And I saved a lot of faces.
Now they’re called friends.
Nicer than those old “smiley faces.”

Then they said I got sick from all that.
They said I went viral.
I don’t feel sick
They said it could be a worm.

Which reminds me – I once drove through a tunnel.
I heard that the British call it a tube.
Then I heard of U-tube,
But I would never turn around in a tunnel.

When I was in grade school I learned
the French word for “same.”
I was taught it was meme. But now it’s not.
Now it’s a unit carrying something which I’ll never understand.

Things are just not the meme anymore.


Randy Mazie


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