Consortin’ With the Enemy: Friday Fictioneer Part 2

This week I’m double dippin’… doublin’ down and doublin’ my fun.
So if you think you’ve seen my link twice, you have. I’m two timing you.
Friday Fictioneers – Madison Woods posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
This week it’s:

copyright lura helms – reprinted from Friday Fictioneers


Consortin’ With the Enemy

Doc, we’d seen this weird knotty thing.
What thing?
On the old tree where Luke Ferry was hung.
Down Mill Road?
Yep. Big knotty thing where the tree divides.
Seen it, Doc?
Been there years.
What is it?
Can’t rightly tell being I’m a vet.
You’re the only one with any training ‘round here.
Well, I would call it by what happened there.
You think it’s because of the hangin’?
You know what he was hung for?
Consortin’ with the enemy.
Well, that there’s the Knot of Treeson.
Weeeell, Doc, that sounds mighty treecherous,
I’ve got some treepidations myself.

Randy Mazie


13 thoughts on “Consortin’ With the Enemy: Friday Fictioneer Part 2

  1. If the proper reaction is a hand applied to the forehead, you have achieved it with me. 😀 Treepidations, I think, was the final straw.

    I liked the concept—definitely fun. “Can’t rightly tell being I’m a vet” threw me off because there is likely a vet somewhere in the world that would know the answer to that question and being a vet is not an excuse for not knowing it (“Well, now, I’m a vet, not a tree doctor.” would have been more believable because it suggests vets wouldn’t know that, but doesn’t “state” vets wouldn’t know that). I kind of liked “Knot of Treeson” although my mind leaped to “Tree son” rather than “treason.” 🙂

    I’m over at

    • First, I hope the hand to the forehead did not hurt.
      My son usually does the side-to-side head shake.

      “Well, now, I’m a vet, not a tree doctor.”
      I like that better, too. I’ll have to think about how to work that in without going over the 100 word limit.

      “I kind of liked ‘Knot of Treeson’ although my mind leaped to ‘Tree son’ rather than ‘treason.'”
      The mind is a funny thing, son (Stacy? daughter?).

      I left my “Adam Ickes” ditto comment on your blog site.


    • Thanks.
      Second word: “we have” seen rather than “we had” seen? Not sure what exactly fits the dialect I’m trying to achieve. Other responses from readers?
      I stole your “recipe” and left notes on your wordpress.

  2. The vet line threw me, too. But “I’m a vet, not a tree doctor” sounds too much like Bones in Star Trek so that wouldn’t necessarily work for me. Anyway, I loved the dialogue. Very distinctive voices for each of your characters. You never wondered who was talking. I look forward to next week’s, submission.

    • I take that as a great compliment.
      Or better still, I take that as a compliment from someone who I think writes great humor.
      And in my case, “slurping” from the water dish is a more accurate verb for what I do at that water dish…
      Thanks, Randy

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