Le Gacy : Julia’s Place 100WCGU “LEGACY”

From Julia’s Place: What is 100WCGU?

Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture. You have 100 words in order to write a creative piece.

This week’s prompt is: (see this week’s prompt site by clicking here) …LEGACY…

Le Gacy

She said use the word “LEGACY!”
So? I went French.
French? You went John Wayne.
D’you think they’ll get the pun?
Le Gacy? That’s no pun. It’s sinister.
So I went sinister.
Thirty-three homosexually-oriented ligatured murders of young males is beyond sinister.
Don’t forget about burying them in the crawl space.
Oh hell.
He was so evil.
Beyond evil. He was psychopathic, remorseless. And it’s beyond comprehension.
So, I’ve created a Le Gacy?
If that’s what you wanted, you sick bas-
Don’t say it. Or I’ll create a new legacy starting right now with you.
You’re as sick as he was…

Randy Mazie


12 thoughts on “Le Gacy : Julia’s Place 100WCGU “LEGACY”

    • Never saw it. I just happened to be on earth while he was. Gruesome-ness is not something that fascinates me nor do I really ever write about it, but the word “legacy” as a prompt just brought me there. My stomach was churning as I felt fearful even writing about it….

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