A Human Weather Vane: a response to Julia’s Place “Friday Smile!”

Julia’s Place “Friday Smile!” has posted the following:

This amazing photo which comes courtesy of Ben Matthew Wong, better known as Twisted Sifter amazing blog just had to be shared as we come to the end of the London Olympics.

What caption would you give it?

This is my spin on a caption and an explanation.

A Human Weather Vane

This is a picture of a Human Weather Vane (or, you’ll excuse the expression in this case, Weathercocks).The following report is virtually stolen from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia notes that “A weather vane (or weathercock) is an instrument for showing the direction of the wind. They are typically used as an architectural ornament to the highest point of a building.”

In this picture, the viewer will also note that in addition to being at the highest point on the building they seem to be at highest point in the city, and probably are just the highest they get (ha).

The rooster or the cock, Wikipedia notes Pope Gregory I as stating, is a “most suitable emblem of Christianity” and as a result a cock began to be used as a weather vane. I personally think that bulls should have been used too because of their virility, and then this could have been a good cock and bull story (I bet you saw this one coming).

Wikipedia notes that weather vanes are partly functional but generally decorative, “often featuring Cockerel designs…” I’m sure with a good look or some keen squinting you’ll be able to identify or at least imagine these designs for yourself.

Lastly, Wikipedia reports that the term weather vane is “also a slang word for a politician who has frequent changes of opinion” and if you look closely, I think, at the two visible heads you might be able to make out whole bunch of potential politicians’ faces in this picture. There is one face though that seems to have awkwardly disappeared in some unmentionable body part – much like many of our politicians, too, these days.

Randy Mazie

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