Who Was That Masked Man? : Julia’s Place 100WCGU “…together the flames…”

From Julia’s Place: What is 100WCGU?

Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture. You have a limited number of words to write a creative piece.
This week’s prompt is: (see this week’s prompt site by clicking here)
…together the flames…
The words in the prompt must not be split and should be suitable for a PG certificate, made up of 100 words (or less) added to these 4 words for a total of 104 words..
This is my entry…

Who Was That Masked Man?
They come soon.
‘Fraid so.
I heard hoofs on ground before.
You circle back while I go forward.
You think wise to split up?
It’s getting to nightfall. It’s the best we can do.
Me no like this.
Me neither…
What we do if they come?
We’ll surprise them from both sides
How you want me to tell you? Use smoke?
If we use smoke, then together the flames will tip them off.
Not enough light.
Owl Hoots?
My hearing’s gotten bad, Tonto.
Shoot arrow?
Too far.
Why not?
How you spell “kemo sabe”?
Randy Mazie

22 thoughts on “Who Was That Masked Man? : Julia’s Place 100WCGU “…together the flames…”

  1. Haa! Text indeed. You had me seeing the old show up until then and what a fun twist it was to add a bit of present day to the past. Thanks for the morning smile!

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