Poli Sci: Friday Fictioneers, Part 1

Each week Friday Fictioneers – Madison Woods posts a pic that begs to have a 100 word story written about it.  Visit Madison Woods’ site if you’d like to see and/or learn more.

This is this week’s picture prompt.
Poli Sci

“What’s that faucet doing on your forehead, bro?”
“Man, I am all tapped out.”
“Take that stupid thing off. Where’d you get that, dog?”
“From that abandoned building.”
“You ripped it out? Didn’t no water spray out?”
“No way, bro. Ain’t nothing working in that mess. The whole place is gone. No electric, water, nada, my man. “
“So you ripped out that faucet?”
“Yeah, bro. I feel like that old building. Ain’t nothing left inside me neither. No job, no money, no girlfriend. You feel me?”
“So, man, why’d you put a stupid faucet on your forehead?
“…political statement…”

Randy Mazie


23 thoughts on “Poli Sci: Friday Fictioneers, Part 1

  1. To quote Ben Stein’s character in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “I’m down with that.” I loved all the word play and metaphors. But I was waiting for something about “brain drain.”

  2. Funny…I always feel like that after an exam. I turn on the faucet and let everything I learned pour out and hope the flow does not stop before I am finished. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, I am “all tapped out” when it is said and done.


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