Temporacus, The Glad Gladiator: the Arts of War and Rites of Passage (Part Sevenus)

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Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator,
The Arts of War and Rites of Passage…




the Glad Gladiator,
studied from
the Ancient Book of
the Art of War.

All warfare is deception.

He also studied
rites of passage,
such as

Debutante Balls

He concluded that all warfare
Is a matter of coming of age
requiring deceptive balls.

He preferred
chocolate lattes
and ballroom dancing
to flasks of meade
and arena baiting.


the Glad Gladiator,
like Sun Tzu, believed:

Know yourself and your enemy,
And all battles will be won.

Spent the night
Before entering the arena
with his opponents
drinking Meade lite
And never leaving them
Before the morning’s light


Temporacus believed that
all great warfare
is based on

and contraception


Randy Mazie

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