Covenant: Julia’s Place 100WCGU

From Julia’s Place:  What is 100WCGU?

Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture.  You have a limited number of words to write a creative piece.

This week’s prompt is: (see this week’s prompt site by clicking here)
… the rain turned the road into a river…

The limit is 110 words including the prompt which must be in the piece and not split.
This is my entry…


…if the rain turned the road into a river, imagine
If the rain turned the river into an ocean, imagine
If the rain turned the ocean into a flood, imagine
If the rain turned the flood into a tide, imagine
If the rain turned the tide of the world…

Randy Mazie


6 thoughts on “Covenant: Julia’s Place 100WCGU

      • There is the obvious link to the biblical covenant but your entry might also a metaphor for the ability of small changes building to greater things in life in a form of “Butterfly Effect”.
        If you aren’t familiar with the notion of the Butterfly Effect, I was communicating with a Grade 3 in Canada who were learning to be change makers. Here is a link to the post I sent dealing with the Butterfly Effect…

        • I read your site and I liked it. I see parallels of the butterfly effect with the old concept of the stone being thrown into the waters and rippling effects going out, or what my training in social work calls systems theory and how a small action in one system affects the equilibrium in so many other systems. And I see your suggestion of a metaphor in my little piece and I like it; and I will falsely claim that that was my intent which will then also become a metaphor for my own sophistry… ha. Thanks for commenting. I am enjoying the camaraderie. Randy

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