Friday Fictioneers: Part 2 “First Meeting: Bring Your Own Mason Jars”

Each week Friday Fictioneers – Madison Woods posts a pic that begs to have a 100 word story written about it. Click above to see this week’s entries. The pic is reprinted below

My story is printed below. Visit Madison Woods’ site if you’d like to see and/or learn more.

First Meeting: Bring Your Own Mason Jars

“Welcome. This your first meeting?”
“Please come in. First names here only.”
“I’m Janet. I came because I need help. I liked the name of your meeting, ‘The Grapevine.’ I thought that was cute but holding it in an actual vineyard has me worried.”
“Why’s that?”
“Well, I saw some people out front, barefooted, squishing grapes, and drinking it out of mason jars. I thought this is where I’d get help to stop.”
“That’s Carl and Henry. They hold a  ‘Relapsers’  Meeting’ right before ours. Don’t pay them no mind.”
“They told me to bring my own mason jar….”

Randy Mazie


20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Part 2 “First Meeting: Bring Your Own Mason Jars”

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    • Thanks for your comments.
      I visited yoyr site and your story is phenomenal! A full bodied wine story told at its best.
      I gave it 4 pens up or in your 4 stems up!!!!! Maybe I should have order a case…

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