Dear Hanging Shoes: kbnelson’s Poetry Prompt

kbnelson’s Poetry Prompt…  Monday, July 16, 2012    Reason 2 Rhyme – “Letter to the Landscape”

This week’s prompt is: Write a letter to a landscape or scene you pass through today (or often). For example, “Dear Williamsburg Bridge,…”

Dear Hanging Shoes

Objects of my veneration: humbled each day
By you in prayerful meditation.
Are you a young man’s heart-beating toss to impress a fresh sweetheart?
Or, are you flung by a bully? And did you fight him back?
Are you a parachuted twisting hurrah of a much-needed good grade?
Or, the consummation of a young man’s celebration on his last day of school?
Are you a cenotaph of some tight-rope walker’s defeat?
Or, did you fall from an angel’s wings on his way to work?

Like my own children’s bronzed first shoes:
Contemplative icons;
Dangling on my street, in front of my house.

Randy Mazie


11 thoughts on “Dear Hanging Shoes: kbnelson’s Poetry Prompt

  1. I, too, have always considered those hanging shoes as icons. Of what, I don’t know, but you do an admirable job of speculation.
    Now, if you could only answer the mystery of the “one shoe on the side of the road”. So lonely. So abandoned. So bizarre.
    Thanks for giving us your wonderful words yet again! It is such a treat to have your contribution!

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