Temporacus, The Glad Gladiator, Goes into Recovery (Part Six-us)

If you missed Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, or Part V,
just click-us the link-us.

Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator,
from the Roman Books of Ben Gay,
Ben Hur’s first born son and close friend of Spartacus.




All Good Times Must End…

the Glad Gladiator,
would party-acus
with marac-cus.

as can a skunk-us,
he’d cha-cha-cha-cus
with Ven-us.

Pissed a lot of god-us

* OMB *
(Oh My Bacchus!)


For recovery
The Glad Gladiator,
would attend-us
Bacch-us Anonym-us.

But would never get past-us
the first step-us.

He hated meetings in
Church-us’ basement-us.


All the riff-raff-us
In black overcoat-us

would break-us
his anonymity-us
asking him for

He was a sort of
BA* celebrity-us.** (*that’s Bacch-us Anonym-us)

**A good bad example-us


Reprinted from the Twelve Steps of the Pantheon
and the Big-us Book-us

Randy-us Mazie-us


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