Sometimes people hold political convictions that are more harmful to themselves than beneficial.

Let me offer some examples.

Some people say that Obamacare is wrong. It’s socialism.

Yet I hurt for them when I hear them tell me that they don’t have medical insurance, or can’t afford medical care or, worse yet, how they can not pay for medicines for their kids.

Some people don’t want their taxes raised, and feel that the rich and corporations should not pay more taxes, or any taxes.

Yet they tell me how worried they are about their kids’ educations and the lack of school funding, the high costs of college, and how their kids can’t find work or pay off their loans.

Some people don’t think that the banks should be regulated.

Yet they whisper that they themselves are behind in their payments. Some have lost homes. Others are trying to work something out but they say the banks are dragging their feet.

Some people say they don’t believe in global warming.

Yet they can’t believe how hot it has become. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes have shaken their lives. They worry about homeowner’s insurance and whether theirs will be cancelled.

Some people believe that they must fight for what is their birthright; and stop other people from getting a free ride.

Yet they have forgotten that we were once all immigrants. Once we all suffered.
And today we all suffer again.

I don’t have a punch line here. I wish I did.

  • I hurt for my children and what they won’t have in their future.
  • I hurt for what my parents and grandparents fought for to make this country the wealthy nation that it once was.
  • I hurt for those in power who are refusing to help, who are stripping everything away from American families, only to keep it all for themselves.

Each day, I rend my heart and clothing.  I hope you have a punch line.

Randy Mazie


2 thoughts on “Manifesto

  1. Creative writing .,Good morning .l want to thank you for visiting my site.lam answering your request…How do you explain that over 2000 wealthy American denounced their citizenship so they won ‘t pay higher taxes ?How much taxes is enough taxes?My best regards. Jalal Michael

    • Thanks for visiting, and taking the time to read another point of view.

      I don’t understand why someone would denounce their citizenship to avoid paying taxes to a country that has allowed them to make that money.
      Please see my piece entitled, “Face Off With Facebook’s Eduardo Saverin”

      How much is enough taxes? That’s obviously open for much discussion. But back in the ’50’s millionaires paid up to 90% in taxes. And the average wealthy person then did not earn anywhere near 400 times the average citizen’s salary now. That could be a a starting point for a compromise on the subject.

      Please also look at my blog entitled, “Bleeding Cash Conservatives.”

      I hope to hear from you again and continue the dialogue.

      Thanks again,


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