Sometime I’d Just Like to Hang Out With God

Have you ever felt that way?
                                                                                                               @Randy Mazie

Sometime I’d Just Like to Hang Out With God

Maybe go out
Into the fresh air
And ask God to join me,
If He wasn’t too busy.
Maybe the two of us
Could throw around a baseball.
I could lend him my glove
And we could chat about His day;
And yell sorry if one of us threw the ball poorly.
Maybe even go for a quick walk in the woods,
Breathing in that sweet mossy forest air.
I’d ask Him to tell me
Which of the trees and plants
That He had made especially delighted Him,
so I could enjoy His choices.

Oh, to just take the time
to hang out together as friends,
Not demanding anything,
Just sharing who we are,
Letting our hearts just beat,
Maybe humming a tune together
Or just whistling.

Randy Mazie


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