Suffer the Death of Our Fathers

In Italy fathers are killing themselves, committing suicide, pre-meditated, so that their families will be absolved of debts that they have incurred because of the economy. They see no other alternative.They’re throwing themselves out of buildings, off of bridges, and hanging themselves.

                                                                                                           @Randy Mazie

Suffer the Death of Our Fathers

We should hang our effigies from our bridges like they do in Rome.
We could start with the Verrazano Bridge in New York,
Named after an Italian so we show our total sympathy with the Romans.
Then we could spread out across the country to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Each effigy should read: Plundered and murdered by the richest people in this country.”
And each scarecrow-bagged body hung over the sides should have one of these tags:
“The Poor, the Uneducated, the Unemployed, the Suffering,
the Children, the Elderly, the Homeless, our Fathers.”

All victims of economic crimes.
No witch hunts or religious killings or political wars.
Now, it’s just the rich killing every one else.
Bankers and corporations and the wealthy slipping nooses around the rest of the country.

So pass by your local bridge (before they’re all burned) and
Drop an effigy over the side; or better yet, if you’re not so inclined for a hanging,
Read the news online or in the papers or a magazine or on TV, and suffer the death of
Our Fathers; say that little prayer.

And if you can, do something

Randy Mazie


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